Coming along nicely…

As with all piglets, the process of weaning from sow’s milk was a bit of a body-blow for these beauties, which left them a little ‘off-colour’ when they first arrived. Luckily though, a short spell of fasting and hiding in the straw at the back of the ark, rapidly followed by a day or two chomping on the rich Dartmoor soil of their paddock, completely sorted out their upset gut flora and, from there on in, it was pretty much plain sailing. Once again we are enormously impressed with the quality and condition of the pigs we’ve received from our chums at Lower Knowle Farm.

It never ceases to amaze just how quickly a healthy, happy pig will grow. In seemingly no time at all our latest batch has gone from tiddler to titan, and so, even after only a month of residence at Greedy Pig’s HQ, our Tamworths are already starting to look like really well-configured porkers.

It’s all going well and so, maybe a little ironically, thoughts turn to the end of the cycle, which will see this gang on a one-way trip in the trusty charabanger, which was recently fettled at great expense with shiny new wheels and tyres.

To some, it might seem a little macabre to be looking at a piglet and seeing a box of yummy pork joints and sausages; however, that’s ultimately why we have pigs at the bottom of the garden and so one can’t help but mentally hit the fast forward button to a point where we’re shipping our pork boxes.

We’re incredibly proud of the end-product of our work and equally in the way in which our pigs play out their brief spell with us before shuffling-off this mortal coil. With this in mind, it hopefully makes some sense to the more dubious of readers that we’re just as keen to see the end of the process as the start – with happy customers taking delivery of wholesome, delicious, high welfare (and great value for money) home-grown pork.

Talking of value, it’ll come as a massive surprise to precisely nobody that the price of organic feed has risen over the last twelve months, along with that of bedding straw, herbal worming solutions, organic louse powder and pretty much everything else connected with the successful rearing of a happy, healthy pig.

With this in mind, we’re reluctantly having to increase our prices in 2019, although we’re still more than confident that Greedy Pig’s Pantry pork continues to compare more than favourably with any supermarket price for high welfare, free-range pork – let alone pork that has been organically fed.

Our prices are likely to range between £7.50 and £10.00 per kilo for pork boxes that will next ship in mid-September. If you’re interested in reserving a box then do drop us a line [here] and we’ll add you to our mailing list.