The latest batch of gilts have gone to meet their maker and so it’s highly likely that we won’t have any more pork to sell until early 2019 (with the exception of an occasional frozen joint, chops or bangers to friends, family and folks living in our neck of the woods).

These particular Tamworths were the first from a new breeder for us, and were an absolute joy to rear – both in terms of temperament and condition. More importantly, the resulting meat was absolutely delicious, and so one rather suspects that we’ll be sticking with this supplier until outbuildings are ready for winter housing and spring farrowing, at which point we can start of our own resident herd – a plan that we didn’t manage to realise in 2018 but which we are confident will finally get under way in the coming year.

However we eventually organise ourselves in 2019, as always, our aim will be to provide you with mouth-wateringly delicious, high-welfare pork at prices that won’t break the bank. Do let us know if you’d like us to drop you a line when our box scheme is back in action. You can reach us at hello@greedypigspantry.co.uk.

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