The pig-pen currently lies empty, the paddock devoid of the sound of snuffling pigs. The chilly breeze carries no faint whiff of dung and our thrice-daily feeding duties are but a distant memory; however, have no fear, as we’ll be back up and running after Christmas!

Our plan is to ramp-up the piggy pursuits in 2018, to which end we’re currently in the process of securing a parcel of woodland adjacent to our home, where our glorious rare-breed pigs can grub about to their hearts’ content.

We haven’t confirmed a 2018 price list yet, primarily as we’re still wading through the logistics of establishing a larger herd. Additionally, the cost of organic feed seems to be in a perpetual state of flux and so we won’t have a clear picture of our final tariff until just before we kick-off the new porcine year. Rest assured though, our aim is to provide mouth-wateringly delicious high-welfare pork at prices which won’t break the bank, so do let us know if you’d like to be notified when our price list is published.

You can reach us at hello@greedypigspantry.co.uk.

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