So this is us:

Having moved back to Devon after a decade and a half living upcountry we find ourselves blissfully ensconced in a wood on Dartmoor, where we’re attempting a spot of ‘Good Life’ action with pigs, chickens and raised veggie beds appearing in our paddock at the bottom of the garden.

Future projects include finally erecting the polytunnel which has been sitting patiently in its constituent parts for a couple of years down in the field store, and in the next twelve months we’re hoping to finally ramp-up the pig enterprise by expanding into a couple of acres of woodland that we’ve secured next door to our home on the edge of Yarner Wood.

All well and good; however, this self-sufficiency lark turns out to be blinkin’ hard work, and so we’ll see what sort of progress is actually made as we move forward. No rush – it’s all good!