What we did at the weekend…

Like there aren’t already enough things to swallow-up any available time that we might occasionally get, last weekend, we decided to accept a rather gracious invitation from Dartmoor National Park Authority to trundle over the moor into sunny Princetown, there to peddle our wares before unsuspecting muggles at the DNPA’s 2019 Summer Fair.

The fickle Dartmoor weather gods smiled upon us and the sun blazed down for a large part of the day which, in turn, brought out a pleasingly generous number of hungry fair-goers – the vast majority of whom seemed happy enough to dive into our tester pots with gusto.

Having no real clue as to how successful this one might be for us – and, if we’re being honest, having been primarily interested in getting some quality time with DNPA’s retail team rather than looking to clean-up at market – we were more than happy with the amount of stock that didn’t make its way back into the trusty Hilux at the end of the day.

Being the only jam-monger amongst a room full of rather talented painters, printers, photographers & sculptors was hardly the worst thing that could have happened, and so the day ended-up being both rewarding and highly enjoyable – especially as the super-attentive DNPA volunteers seemed hell-bent on making a certain greedy pig even more well-upholstered than he already is, constantly proffering tea, coffee, custard creams and even a cheeky drop of Dartmoor Brewery’s ‘Jail Ale’. Heaven!

Moreover, it turned-out that there was a wee bit of spare time to engage in chit-chat with the DNPA retail officer. Further, potentially quite exciting news to follow…

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